Frequently Asked Questions


What is rock climbing?

Rock climbing is a sport or pastime of climbing rock faces. It is becoming less extreme and more mainstream and more and more people are trying out this fun, exciting and amazing sport. Rock climbing can be done outdoors on real rock or indoors on artificial walls. Rock climbing can be as safe and controlled as you want it to be using safety equipment. At Carraig Climbing we always use the highest quality safety equipment in our sessions.

What do I need for hillwalking?

The weather in the Northwest of Ireland can change very quickly. When venturing into the hills it is important to be properly equipped for a wide range of conditions. The bare essentials being good footwear (preferably waterproof hiking boots, suitable sports/outdoor clothing (layers of lightweight clothes), generally cotton is a no no in the mountains as it doesn’t have great thermal qualities and is like a sponge when wet. Depending on the length of activity you are doing you will also probably require food, water and a rucksack with spare clothes. Good waterproof top and bottoms are also recommended

What if its raining?

Some of our climbing locations are on gneiss rock which has excellent friction and grip even when wet. There is the old saying "there is no such thing as bad weather but bad clothes". This said however we understand that clients may not want to be out in the rain so some tours are postponed after assessing the clients needs.

Do I need any climbing experience?

No. You do not need any previous climbing experience. We encourage people of all ages, abilities and walks of life to try climbing. Our tours are developed with complete beginners in mind however there is something for the more experienced climber as well.

Do I need to be strong?

No. One of the biggest mistakes beginner climbers make is the assumption that you need huge upper body strength. Yes of course having strength works to your advantage in certain situations but not at all essential to starting climbing. The good news is that rock climbing is a great way to build strength, agility, balance and coordination.

What do I need to bring?

As our sessions are outdoors in often changeable weather conditions you should wear layers of light, loose but warm clothing and if possible with some stretchiness. This will allow you to make every possible movement without being hindered by your clothes. If you have a rain jacket, pants and boots then you can bring them with you. 

Will we be using ropes for rock climbing?

Yes. Absolutely. At Carraig Climbing we use safety ropes whilst climbing and abseiling at all times.

What do you supply? 

Carraig Climbing will supply you with a climbing harness, helmet and specialised climbing shoes.

How many people can do a tour?

The maximum number we can take on a rock climbing tour is 6 people. This ensures we make less of an impact on the natural environment and ensures a more personal climbing experience. We can cater for larger groups but additional instructors are required and so advanced booking is recommended

Are there any age restrictions?

No. We encourage people of all ages to climb. However if children are under 8 years of age we do suggest that a parent be there to supervise. 

Is it safe?

Yes, our staff are fully qualified, experienced and insured and use the highest quality safety equipment. Before we use a site for climbing it is first risk assessed and only then will we decide that it is suitable for our groups.

More questions?

We will be glad to answer any more questions you might have so please do not hesitate to contact us.